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Kaveh Zamanian, Rabbit Hole’s founder and whiskey maker, pursued a personal dream, stepping away from a successful career as a psychologist to start his own spirits company. #2DreamInside is inspired by his journey.

#2DreamInside is centered around Rabbit Hole’s commitment to the hospitality community. Kaveh and his team set out to assist most deeply impacted by the COVID pandemic, and to encourage people to pause during these turbulent times, reflect on how their lives can look in better days ahead, and help others in the process.

Rabbit Hole will kickstart #2DreamInside with a $50,000 donation to benefit Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s network of bartenders across the U.S.

And Rabbit Hole will contribute up to $200,000, generated by social media posts from those who share their dreams.

So, are you ready #2DreamInside?

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1. Post a photo/video on Instagram telling us what you are dreaming about!

2. Tag @RabbitHole & 2 of your friends

3. Make sure to include the hashtag #2DreamInside

  • post on Instagram telling us what you are dreaming about
  • tag @rabbithole and 2 of your friends
  • make sure to include the hashtag #2DreamInside

Rabbit HOle Will donate $2 for every post Up to $200,000!


🗓Yesterday marked FOUR YEARS since I first started hungry_hungry_hanley!

Quarantine is disorienting, but I’m trying to find little ways to make each day different, so they don’t all blur together. I’m in fancy pajamas at 5:30 pm. I’m sipping bourbon while sitting on my floor. 🥃Neither of those things is normal for me.

I didn’t pick a singular, lofty goal to now pour my time into; instead I’m focusing on the little things and tackling small, daily projects that bring me joy. ✈️ Dreaming about our trip to Tahiti at the end of the year (and hoping it doesn’t get cancelled) is also giving me something to look forward to.

I wanted to do something to give back to the hospitality industry, so I teamed up with rabbithole and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. 💸 For every post that includes the hashtag #2DreamInside they will donate $2 to hospitality workers across the country who need our support.‼️They kickstarted it with a $50,000 donation and a goal of donating up to $200,000!

So I would like to challenge all of you to share a photo with the hashtag and tell us what you’ve been dreaming about or tackling in quarantine!

Now that I shared, I want to nominate two friends to share too: megandamrondc and channinglfoster 📸Photo credit goes to my amazing other half, Stephen, who likes to stay behind the camera.

My main goal this is to try to enjoy more the road without focusing so much on the destination, specially in my creative projects. What are you dreaming off ? #2DreamInside rabbithole will donate 2$ to the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation supporting bartenders for every post that includes #2DreamInside ...

📍rabbithole | 04.13.20
here’s a little encourage-mint: yes you can!! you got this 🌱🥃❤️ || lemon lavender mint julep 💯

what’ve you been dreaming about lately, besides a covid19-free world? we’ve been wanting to bake more and start oil painting again after a 10-year hiatus, and we finally have the time thanks to this quarantine. Rabbit Hole is donating $2 for every post with #2DreamInside to the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation to support hospitality workers in need during this difficult time. they’re kickstarting the campaign with a $50,000 donation! help them reach their goal of $200,000 by sharing what you’re dreaming about and don’t forget #2DreamInside 💭

It’s crazy to think that in this time, we’ve been staying in so long that we’ve been able to revisit past projects or found the inspiration to learn a new skill. We as a species are incredibly adaptable and we find the most profound inspirations through many avenues, including one another. The people behind brands like rabbithole are inspiring to me because of their commitment to help the hospitality industry. To date, Rabbit Hole Distillery has already kickstarted a donation campaign with a generous $50,000 towards the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation and will be donating an additional $2.00 for every post that includes #2DreamInside, with a goal of $200,000 to hospitality workers across the country who need support.

I know I’m not the greatest philanthropist, but anywhere I can help our community, I will, in whatever capacity I can, and you can too. Please tag your friends, talk about how your dreams or passions have grown, changed, or reemerged, and use the hashtag in your stories as much as you can. Let’s hit that $200k goal! In the meantime, please be safe and stay healthy. We’re all going to get through this. Cheers, everyone.

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Thankful for my #bartender friends and greater bar 🍹 community so teaming up with rabbithole for something special!
My friends at #RabbitHole 🐰 are donating $2 to tales_of_the_cocktail for every post with #2DreamInside to support #hospitalityworkers across the 🌎 country with a $200k goal!
While I #stayhome I have been #dreaming up unique content 🎥. Creating videos and collaborating with my friends has always been a dream ✨, and during this time we’ve had to be so creative about.
So I am so fortunate for my friends mrcedricmarvin, _domfoolery, and visionsofmariana for being down to create this fun video to support the greater hospitality community ♥️. For now will keep daydreaming of when we can all be at our favorite #happyhour 🍸, but for now cheers from a far!
So join in the fun and post with #2DreamInside!
🍸 Hang Glider by mrcedricmarvin
#daydreaming #cocktailsofinstagram

I was asked by my friends chenaholic & kat.eats to join Rabbit Hole Distillery’s efforts to help the hospitality industry during this difficult time. During this campaign, they will donate $2 to the tales_of_the_cocktail foundation, aiding hospitality workers across the country, for every IG post that:
1️⃣: Shares what you’re dreaming about
2️⃣: Tag rabbithole & 2 of your friends
3️⃣: Include the hashtag #2DreamInside
Rabbit Hole kickstarted the effort with a $50,000 donation and will donate up to $200,000 based on our posts. It’s amazing to see that the amount committed is already over $100,000! 🙏
After two months of shelter in place, my dream is that all of the positive things that have come out of this don’t end after we all venture back out into the world. In an unexpected surprise, I’ve actually made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and gotten closer to existing ones during this quarantine. All thanks to the new normal of online social activities such as virtual happy hours, Netflix Party, web games, and video calls. Even if they become less frequent, my dream is that we continue to make the effort to reach out and connect with our friends & family that are further away. What are you dreaming of? 💭
I made this bubbly Negroni riff for one such virtual happy hour a few weeks ago, which has been hosted & organized by the amazing bittersweet.melissa ❤️
Sparkling Negroni
By cocktailchemistry
1 oz Gin
1 oz Campari
1 oz Carpano Antica Formula
¼ oz Lime
Few drops saline solution
2½ oz water
Mix all ingredients in a sealable container, then place in freezer until well chilled. Pour contents into a drinkmate_usa to carbonate. Serve in a flute and garnish with a lime braid.