The Art of the Accessory (Men’s Edition)

A lot of the time men fall short of taking their style to the next level. In my experience that little leap from good to great can be made with accessorizing. It sounds petty, but making sure that your outfit pops is really going to make a difference when walking into a room.

I was really excited when I found out that I had the opportunity to open up the fashion section for Rabbit Hole Collective. I have been wanting to scream the importance of accessory from the top of my lungs for a long time now, so I knew that this has to be first post. I have complied a list of accessories that will make a world of difference in your formal wear.

Keep in mind, wearing all these accessories at once could take away from the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Start with the one you want to wear the most and add and subtract others.

Taking simple things like these and really taking pride in your style will make a world of a difference. No need in getting a flashy belt or gold cufflinks anymore.

Think different. Be different.