The Pea Coat

The winter is here and some of you are getting lazy when it comes to looking good because half the time you don’t want to get out bed to go anywhere. This article is not meant for the men who are waiting for the winter to come all year so that they can layer their cashmere turtle necks with double breasted tweed blazers. (you know who you are)

I wanted to make a quick note about how easy it is to look good with one addition to your closet. The pea coat.

The Peacoat
Side note: make sure it is dry cleaned, and for the love of god, make sure there is no lint on it when you walk out of the house. Lastly, if it is not your size, get it tailored. My favorite Pea Coat was handed down to me by my dad, cost 50 bucks to get the shoulders taken in.

Simple yet sleek. Easy to wear but very elegant.

Throw on a vintage sweater from your college years and while your walking out of the house throw on a perfectly pressed Black Pea Coat and you your whole outfit will come together. You will have that rich guy I-spend-money-on-what-matters look.

There is a million ways to elevate your look that take a lot of time and effort. The Pea Coat is easy and looks good.