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Liddel Vodka is a testament to the joy we find when we welcome others into our life. That great things happen when we come together. We import the finest Winter Wheat Vodka from France and filter it in its entirety through Kentucky Limestone to create a personal expression that bridges continents and cultures. A timeless expression crafted in the spirit of unity to celebrate with one another.

Limestone makes a difference. As the earth's greatest natural filtration system, it is abundant throughout the hills of Kentucky. We use it to purify the water used in every whiskey in our line. When we considered crafting a vodka, a spirit praised for its cleanliness in appearance, aroma, and palate, we knew that limestone would lead the way. Excessive distillations tends to strip much of the redeeming qualities from the spirit. Instead, we filter imported premium French Winter Wheat Vodka in its entirety through Kentucky limestone. This process gives Liddel an unparalleled mouthfeel while showcasing the magic of Kentucky.

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