Take a journey down
the Rabbit Hole

Heralded as an architectural icon, Rabbit Hole Distillery is an immersive experience into what our brand is built on - Transparent Modern Innovation. The distillery is a contemporary glass-lined castle, built to evoke emotion throughout every moment of your experience. An abundance of natural light shines on each step of the whiskey-making process. From the grains shimmering gold in the Kentucky sunlight to the mash aromas rising out of fermenters, no shadows are cast on our systems - all are open to see and experience. The Overlook is our modern, elegant top floor bar which serves cocktails. We invite you to sip, savor and linger while taking in the best view of the city we call home.


Distilling is baked into Louisville’s culture. Rabbit Hole resides in the heart of NuLu, the city’s creative district. This downtown neighborhood is the nexus of old and new. A place where artists and entrepreneurs pursue their dreams without budgeting for regret. We could be nowhere else.

Art Collection

Our goal is to create a space that shows our appreciation for the creative arts and evokes the spirit of Rabbit Hole. A place to celebrate and support artists who dare to create and, in the process, help us see the world with a fresh perspective.

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Visit & Celebrate

Overlook, our premier event space at Rabbit Hole Distillery features a craft cocktail bar, art gallery, and inspiring views of downtown Louisville in a modern setting. Available for corporate events and receptions.

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