Rabbit Hole is proud to be the official Bourbon of the James Beard Foundation Taste America Tour; a foundation whose very existence is to push the advancements of culinary exploration and bring it to the forefront of modern culture. This collaboration puts us within arms reach of the best chefs and restaurateurs the country has to offer. It’s an honor to have our whiskey paired alongside their creations — giving us a unique opportunity to marry the talents of two already coexisting industries into one cohesive and beautiful culinary experience. With our partnership, our goal is to be pioneers in the art of drink pairing; working to make American Whiskey not only commonplace but desired in every culinary experience.
For the most part, if we know of a Chef, we know them for their dishes and their one of a kind recipes. While that alone is enough to inspire admiration from foodies across the country, there’s so much more to learn about the great minds behind some of America’s most iconic dishes. This series goes beyond the plate and explores the eccentricities that make up the individual. We want to know more about what matters to them, what inspires them, and what they’re thankful for, once they turn off the lights to their restaurant and head outside of its doors. We start with what they’re known for — food, but we don’t stop there. We take life outside of the kitchen to share moments that are personal. To learn something we may have never otherwise known about the individual. And we end with a call to celebrate - as we Raise a Glass to the lesser-known passions that shape the person they are today.