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Radial Cuff - Vapor Black

The Radial Cuff in much the same way you might conceive of a perfect t-shirt: it's comfortable, it's flattering, and it goes with just about everything.

The Radial Cuff features a radial shape that closely mirrors the particular oval of a wrist for a glove-like fit, a subtly beveled edge to reflect light and create contour, precision-machining for consistent sizing, five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of humans, and a slimmed down, sleek profile.

The result of many small design decisions is an unfussy, widely applicable piece of outfit-enhancement. It’s at home in the maximalist stack of a fully-initiated collector, or as the gateway piece for the adornment newcomer. The Radial Cuff is available in Steel, Brass, and Vapor Black.

View the sizing guide here to ensure proper fit.


  • Precision-machined

  • Solid stainless steel

  • PVD Vapor Black finish

  • 1 oz

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