Feel Good Cocktails - B&B

Not every outing calls for an old fashioned or a bourbon on the rocks. Sometimes you need to simply relieve your mind and body with a beverage that combines the bite of a traditional cocktail with the healing power of fresh juice.

We’re talking happy hour greens and late night immunity boosts. Neat and healthy alcoholic beverages that come with the ultimate excuse for that resolution of yours to live a more nutritious, nourishing life this year.

At Rabbit Hole, we’ve partnered with The Weekly Juicery and created a series of naturally elegant and elegantly natural drinks that we call “Feel Good Cocktails.” They taste great and — God willing — can help prevent that dreaded hangover the next morning.

The Weekly Juicery is a USDA-certified organic company in Kentucky that understands the importance of health and well-being. In addition to its juice bars in Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati, the business has more than 200 weekly customers who receive the highest quality, most potent juices on their doorsteps.

So, what are Feel Good Cocktails? Think cucumber salad with a hint of fun. A healthy refreshment with a buzz. And root vegetables with barrel aged spirits.

Inside a bottle of “Orange You Happy” juice, you’ll taste green apples, romaine lettuce, beets, lemons, ginger, lime, and, of course, oranges. To make it a real juice for your spirits, take 1.5 ounces of Rabbit Hole bourbon, mix in 6 ounces of the juice, and add ice. Shake it up and top it off with a splash of club soda.

For those looking to get their daily intake of greens, mix some Green Lemonade with Lively Lemon and a shot of bourbon for the ultimate green rush with a warm after taste. The Green Lemonade — made up of romaine, cucumber, kale, lemon and ginger — can elevate your mood, de-stress your digestive system, and boost your immunity. Looking for a spicy bite? Lively Lemon includes the slightest hint of cayenne pepper.

Feel Good Cocktails take your favorite adult beverages and chases them with a healthy injection of goodness. You can replenish your liver and kidneys with the sweet earthiness of organic root vegetables, all while enjoying the bite you crave from Rabbit Hole bourbon. Of course, everything is good moderation. And New Years resolutions to live a healthier life are important. Just know that our Feel Good Cocktails are there to give you that all natural, healthy taste with the perfect bourbon and gin to reward yourself.

Juices from the Weekly Juicery are the perfect ingredient to help you retox to detox.

Glasses up, folks. Cheers to good health.