A Note From The Editor

Life is a series of chapters, and if you are lucky, like a good book, you relish each page as one chapter leads to another. In this sense, I’ve been extremely fortunate. Fell in love with a Kentucky girl, discovered Bourbon and now I’m making whiskey for a living. It’s phenomenal!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a Bourbon fan and already know about its beauty, complexity and its rich history and tradition, so I’m not going to get into all that, at least not today. What I do want to tell you, is that for me, Bourbon is more than a drink, it’s a source of pride. I can’t believe that Bourbon, in its own home, is overshadowed by Scotch. Fact is, until recently, Bourbon languished in obscurity. Most Americans, at least outside of Kentucky, still don’t know that Bourbon is 3part of our national heritage.

Bourbon is more than a drink. It's a source of pride.

The way I see it, we should be as well versed in Bourbon and proud of it the way, let’s say, the French are of their cognac or wine. So, in addition to making great American whiskies, I decided to start Rabbit Hole Collective, an assortment of interviews, essays, videos and posts from contributors who are passionate about life, and like us, enthusiastic about Bourbon and American whiskey. Each month we’ll explore the crossroads of food, drinks and creative culture, all in an effort to share and celebrate life.

In the Art of Imbibing and Culinary Corner sections we will showcase our favorite bars & restaurants and share drink recipes and discuss pairings of great food with amazing whiskies. Master Notes and Bourbon on the Brain sections will offer insight and commentary on the art & science of making whiskey, while our lifestyle and cultural calendar highlight events and happenings in our creative universe. Last, but not least, Rabbit Hole Moments will showcase interviews with imaginative and creative individuals we admire, people who found their dream and dared to chase it down the rabbit hole.

Welcome to Rabbit Hole Collective.
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Kaveh Zamanian, Founder & CEO