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limited edition – Only 1,315 bottles

cask strength · 114.6 proof
Available in select retailers October 2020

limited edition

cask strength · 114.6 proof
Available in select retailers October 2020

“My heart and soul go into every single drop of liquid I create, and all of it is precious to me. Yet among the vast number of barrels I laid down when I began Rabbit Hole, years later I discovered a few exceptional barrels whose rye had a nearly transcendent quality. Those are the barrels I harvested for the launch of Founder’s Collection and this is the Kentucky rye whiskey that I’ve created for my first cask-strength offering.”

Kaveh Zamanian
Founder and Whiskey Maker

Wrapped with our eye-catching brand linen pattern this
gift carton cradles our exquisite bottle and begs to be
held. Soft and luxurious, it features the bottle number
with gold foil appointments as well as the signature of
our founder proudly embossed on the side.

Paying tribute to our iconic whiskey bottle, this
structure features a beautifully embossed glass sash
with minimal gold decoration. is jewel- like package is
complete with our signature cross- ribbon neck label
that includes an individual bottle number.

Our founder’s family crest is proudly engraved into the top
of this heavy gold cork, while slanted grooves set at the same
angle as our iconic sash circumference it. The inscribed
family motto, Amare et Opus translates to Love and Work.
An idea that centers on the belief that we are our best selves
when we find what we love and go all in!

Nose: Butterscotch, Vanilla, Mint, and Black Peppercorn. Lingering Leather and Spice

Creamy and rich. Citrus and Spice supported with Bright Floral notes, Black Pepper and Tea Leaves

Anise, Vanilla, and Citrus Peel. Long, Dry, with slight Nuttiness and Oak

Neat or over ice