A Legacy in the Making

Rabbit Hole is a legacy in the making. In a matter of years, Kaveh and his family have accomplished what takes most generations to achieve. With an innovative mindset and Michael, Cameron, and Henri by his side, he has shaken the bourbon industry to its core. From the onset, his love for spirits led him to create something new. With a mission to redefine the standard for American Whiskey, he envisioned every detail of the Rabbit Hole Distillery, which has been heralded as the new architectural icon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, then elegantly made distinct, innovative recipes for each of his whiskeys at a time when only a few existed.

Amare et Opus

Our family motto, Amare et Opus, translates to Love and Work. This belief centers on the idea that you should find what you love and pursue it with everything you have. This mantra is deeply embedded in who we are as whiskey makers and purveyors of fine spirits. Within our crest, the pomegranate represents life and celebration, while the hammer denotes truth and authenticity. Together, they join the crowned lion which reveals that courage and nobility are essential when one chooses to forge their own path.

Passing It Down

As we look towards the future, we understand that our family business is about more than making great whiskey. We see love and work as not just a motto, but a mindset that reminds us that everything we do should be done for the benefit of the generations to come. For our children and grandchildren will be the ones who will be bottling the whiskey we lay down today. And as Rabbit Hole ages gracefully, we will make sure that it stays true to its core beliefs, while making timeless spirits that celebrate life and bring us closer together.

The Long Game

Our passion has propelled us to plant the seeds of change. To revive creativity in American Whiskey while restoring it to the grandeur it once held. A groundbreaking movement to reject the status quo and redefine the standard by creating singular expressions that shine on the shelf, in the glass, and within our hearts. It is our love of spirits that drives us to dream of a bright future, and together, we will work to establish Rabbit Hole as the new benchmark for fine spirits.

"The art of making whiskey is all about the long game. It’s good to know what I’ve created is in good hands. A family business that will last generations. Together, with Michael, Cameron, and Henri, we are building a legacy one barrel at a time."

Kaveh Zamanian
Founder & Whiskey Maker