Meet the Team

Our diverse group of distillers, designers, tour guides, bartenders, and executives all thrive off one fundamental principle: Belief. We all believe there is something more to life. Every single individual on our team strives to find their passions. We are exploring and realizing dreams with almost reckless abandon, a philosophy inspired by our founder Kaveh Zamanian. With this, we find that we don’t go searching for people to join our team. Instead, we discover them along our journey down the rabbit hole.


Justin Pakdaman

Director of Digital Marketing

An avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and their star player, Kobe Bryant. Listens to a range of music, anywhere from Sublime to Michael Jackson. Even has the dance moves to match.

Something cool or interesting that is in-line with our mission and values that is a hobby or skill that is a fun fact. Could even be a work outing or something about collaboration and the teamwork or culture here at Rabbit Hole Distillery. Could even be a farewell to an employee going on to the next chapter of their career etc.