One-of-a-kind expressions of American Whiskey

Our Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys are truly one-of-a-kind. Using signature malted grains, each expression is crafted from a different recipe and enters the barrel at a lower proof to preserve flavor. It is then matured in toasted and charred barrels and harvested in small batches of no more than 15 barrels at a time to yield a flavor like no other.

Bourbons Made of 30% Malted Grains

Ingredients make a difference. While corn is the prominent grain in all bourbons, its primary role is not to enhance taste. Unlike other distilleries, we use uncommon, specialty malted grains in our distinct whiskey recipes, which imparts each of our bourbons with an unequaled, luxurious, full-flavor mouthfeel.

Proprietary Cooking Process

After hand-selecting and milling our grains, we cook them to the exact specifications of our founder’s personal recipes. This process yields a mash that rests for days in our open-air vats to ferment and produces a sweet aroma that envelops every corner of our distillery.

Toasted & Charred Barrels

Developing our super-premium whiskey takes time. We slowly toast our barrels over a wood-fired flame before charring, a process that takes up to 20 minutes per barrel. Toasting coaxes sugars from deep in the fibers of the wood which mingle with the distillate during the aging process, giving our whiskeys unparalleled complexity and flavor.

110 Proof At Barrel Entry

In the spirit of preserving flavor, we put our liquid in the barrel at 110 proof, a much lower level than the allowed 125 proof many distilleries employ. This provides us with less of a yield when harvesting the barrel. It may be more costly to do so, but allows more nuance and interaction between the liquid and the barrel during the maturation process. The result is a balanced whiskey that reveals a taste like no other.