Founder’s Collection

"Crafting a fine bourbon is always a gamble, especially if you want to do something bold and original. I have never been one to play it safe. Everyone fears failure. I, however, let that fear drive me to be braver and more creative. To work harder, get inventive and take risks. For this edition of his Founder’s Collection those risks paid off. Raceking is an absolute stud."

Founder & Whiskey Maker

Double Chocolate Malt

For this limited-edition bourbon, Kaveh went all in on a distinctive chocolate-forward flavor. Sired from a one-of-a-kind mash bill featuring chocolate-malted wheat and chocolate-malted barley, and carefully aged in new American Oak barrels, Raceking’s deliciously unique taste will add welcome variety to any well-curated whiskey collection.

The Spirit of Racing

The name Raceking is a nod to Kentucky’s storied horse-racing tradition. A fitting moniker for a thoroughbred bourbon. Its pedigree is outstanding, as were the conditions of its maturation - five distinct grains, three of which were expertly malted, aged in barrels toasted & charred the traditional way (with wood-fueled fire) by the master craftsmen of Kelvin Cooperage. The result is a bold, distinct whiskey worthy of a royal epithet.

Numbered Limited
Edition Bottle & Box

Raceking consists of a linen-patterned box featuring our logo in a chocolate-brown etching surrounded by metallic mocha appointments and racing-silk-blue accents. The color palette extends to the bottle, which features embossed-glass detailing of the brand’s sash label and includes a metallic-topped cork engraved with Kaveh’s family crest of “Amare et Opus.”

Only 1365 Bottles

With its one-of-a-kind mash bill, Raceking explores how malting organically expands the range of flavors in whiskey. Through proprietary malting processes, a chocolate wheat from Germany and a chocolate barley from the UK achieve the aromatic top notes and rich essence of chocolate. When cooked according to our proprietary methods and met with aging in wood-fired, toasted and charred new American Oak barrels, the flavors of the whiskey become intricately nuanced.

Tasting Notes

The double chocolate-malted grains make their presence known right out of the gate as a sweet scent of cocoa rushes forward flanked by aromas of brown sugar and toasted bread. Next comes a full field of warm, luxurious flavors, exciting your senses with hints of hazel, cinnamon spice, black cherry and tobacco. Raceking finishes strong down the stretch with earthy notes of wood and leather complimented by a delicious lingering chocolate.

An Unbridled Bourbon

Raceking holds nothing back. This specially crafted Kentucky Straight Bourbon is all-out cask strength. Not only does that mean a higher proof, but also a deeper, richer color, stronger nose and a bolder, more complex flavor profile. Cask strength allows you to experience the full impact of the double chocolate-malted grains even as you appreciate the intricate blend of more subtle notes.