Bourbon is traditionally made with a mash bill, or recipe, featuring three grains: corn, barley, and rye or wheat. However, an increasing number of distilleries are seeking to push the boundaries of bourbon making by creating a four-grain mash bill using both rye and wheat. Four-grain bourbon offers discerning whiskey drinkers an even greater range of flavors, with depth and complexities not previously available...

cavehill best four grain bourbon

Best Four-Grain Bourbon

The largest proportion of the bourbon's mash bill must be corn, and is generally followed by any ratio of barley, rye, and wheat chosen by the distiller. With almost unlimited ways to mix the grains, differing distillation processes, and varying aging times, different brands of bourbon offer a huge variety of flavors. Making a four-grain bourbon gives the distiller even more ways to create a unique and distinctive taste signature. 

Rabbit Hole Distillery has taken the process a step further with our original Cavehill four-grain triple malt Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Alongside corn, the Cavehill mash bill contains three malted grains in the following proportions: 

  • 70% corn.
  • 10% malted wheat.
  • 10% malted barley.
  • 10% honey malted barley.

Malting the secondary grains increases their depth to give Cavehill a smoother and inimitable flavor profile, which sets a new standard for American whiskey and provides a superior drinking experience.

Cavehill Flavor Profile

Along with its unique mash bill, we age our Cavehill four grain bourbon for a minimum of two years in hand-picked charred and toasted American white-oak barrels from the Kelvin Cooperage. Toasting the casks over a wood fire coaxes out sugars from the depth of the oak's fibers that merge with the whiskey during maturation and add to the complexities of the flavor profile. After aging, we blend no more than 15 barrels to create Cavehill and ensure it's a genuine small-batch bourbon. 

The maturation process and the special mix of grains in Cavehill four-grain bourbon gives it a delectable aroma with hints of fresh apples, spice, and honey. As you sip, your senses will be treated to the complex flavors of honey, mint, and creamy orange, with subtle notes of toasted grain. As it reaches the back of your palate, the whiskey develops a soft vanilla and custard finish.

Guiding Bourbon into the Future

The history of American whiskey began in Louisville, Kentucky, where the descendants of British and French farmers blended grains and water in handmade stills. Inspired by French brandy, some distillers aged the new spirit in charred oak casks to create the golden-colored whiskey that became known as bourbon

Rabbit Hole bourbon is a tribute to the pioneering men and women who started the tradition of American whiskey production in the state during its infancy. Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey shows not only how far America's favorite spirit has come, but how it is still evolving.

When you're ready to venture into the world of four-grain bourbon, seek out our distinctive Cavehill four-grain triple malt bourbon for an unrivaled whiskey drinking experience. Once tasted, you'll never look back.

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